Story Contest

Together with the Alderney Gate Library, the HCFS co-sponsors an annual ghost-story writing contest. Contestants from age 7 to 15 are invited to submit either an original ghost story or a retelling of a story in their own words that they have heard.

2016 winners:

  • Ages 7-9
    The Library Mystery by Jackson Smith
    The Haunted House by Kayleigh Garrisoni
  • Ages 10-12
    Bad Wolf by Zoe Leck
    The Creature by Yvan Lee Guy
  • Ages 13-15
    The Wind Blows with a Vengeance by Mariella Lindsay-Botten
    Haunted? by Jenna McConnell 
    Ghost Writer by Lindsey McNamara

2015 winners:

  • Ages 7-9
    The Haunted House by Sasha Hoque
    No Easy Way Out by Kaelin Caporicci
    The Murder Monster by Taylor Hollett
  • Ages 10-12
    The Harp by Mya Barnett
    The Blood Stone by Isabel Binder
  • Ages 13-15
    The Town by Kyle Hardy
    The Crooked Man by Erin Inglis 
    Campfire Stories by Jenna McConnell

2014 winners:

  • Ages 7-9
    The Ghost Made of Nothing by Hamza Abawajy
    The Deerhound of 60 Willow Street by Zoe Leck
  • Ages 10-12
    Plague by Erin Inglis
    The Staircase Ghost by Gillian Currie
  • Ages 13-15
    The Baby’s Cry by Kura Broadnax
    The Strange Ripples on the Mersey River by Avery Opalka 
    Oh Sthree Raypura by Pranathi Challa

2013 winners:

  • Ages 7-9
    Will you be my Friend? By Ruth Lundrigan
    The Hour, by Taya Hooper-Dixon
  • Ages 10-12
    The Face in the Window, by Erin Inglis 
    Eleven and the One Remaining, by Avery Opalka
  • Ages 13-15
    Anna, by Jordan Galbraith 
    The Legend of Maplewood Library, by Madeline Biso

2012 winners:

  • Ages 7-9
    The Night of the Zombie Animals, by Angus Hussey-Tallon
    The Window, by Sasha Oreskovich
  • Ages 10-12
    Acadian Ghosts, by Geneviève Doiron
    Eyes in the Cabin, by Zoe Hogue 
    Angel, by Erin Inglis
  • Ages 13-15
    The Cove, by Anna DeWolfe
    Together Beneath the Waves, by Olivia Malley

2011 winners:

  • Ages 7-9
    Save the Ghosts!, by Jenna Garagan
    December 6, by Erin Inglis
  • Ages 10-12
    Ghostly Visions, by Shizza Hassan 
    Noppera Bo: the Faceless Ghosts, by Hugh Soucy
  • Ages 13-15
    Mr. Carter the Lighthouse Keeper, by Samantha Dill 
    Lover’s Lullaby, by Maya Gantar

2010 winners:

  • Ages 7-9
    The Murdered Bird, by Avery Opalka
    School Spirit, by Erin Inglis
  • Ages 10-12
    The Abandoned High School, by Natalie Comeau
    The Shadow, by Cory McConnell 
    Shadow Lands, by Madeline Toal
  • Ages 13-15
    The Pure Curse, by Amel Bensalim 
    A Monsoon Night’s Tale, by Abdiel Samuel James