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Nova Scotia Choral Federation 

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Blackbird, TheGary Ewer2 partll-48189
Blackbird, TheGary Ewer4 partlll-56774
Crocodile Song, TheGary Ewer2 partll-61238
DrimindownGary EwerUnisonl-007232
I’ll Give My Love An AppleImant Raminsh2 partll-139114
Mackerel SkyDr. Walter Kemp3 partll-076162
Pickle Rises on SauerkrautDr. Walter Kemp3 partll-07590
Nine Ethnic Folk SongsEunice Sircom4 partV-00836
The Milk-White SteedAlexander Tilley4 partlll-27531
The Welcome TableAlexander Tilley4 partlll-167126
Farewell to Nova ScotiaDon Wright4 partlll-14351
Farewell to Nova ScotiaJohn Beckwith4 partlll-47833

Arrangements by Individuals

John Beckwith

  • 1987. Farewell To Nova Scotia. Baritone, SATB, piano, percussion 2 trumpet, viola, cello, double bass. Toronto: Gordon V. Thompson.

Robert Fleming

  • 1954?. A Kangaroo Sat on an Oak (Nova Scotia Folk Song). Voice and piano.
  • 1963. Grandma’s Advice (Nova Scotia Folk Song), for choir (SAB).
  • 1971?. Three Nova Scotia Folk Songs, for choir (SSA) and piano. Titles of pieces: On This Hill, Loakie’s Boat, It Was a Mouse.

Cecil Armstrong Gibbs

  • 1959. Canadian Folk Song Cycle. 4: The Stormy Scenes of Winter (Nova Scotia song, collected by Helen Creighton). Solo song with piano accompaniment.

Trevor Jones and Donald Wetmore

  • 1953. The Broken Ring (folk opera).
  • Trevor Jones. Overture to The Broken Ring. Symphonic band.

Talivaldis Kenins

  • 1967. The Carrion Crow (Nova Scotia song, collected by Helen Creighton). Male chorus (TTBB). Toronto: G.V. Thompson.

Ann Moore

  • 1994. Songs for schools : a collection of tradition[al] Lunenburg County music. [24 pages]. Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management Library – request slip – V/F V.401 #28

John C. O’Donnell, Amberglade Music. Male choir arrangements (TTBB).

  • The Jolly Miner (Traditional: collected by Helen Creighton) A Cappella
  • The Government Store (Traditional: collected by Helen Creighton)
  • [The latter song is in The Music of the Men of the Deeps: Selected Songs from the Repertoire of North America’s Only Coal Miners Choir. Antigonish, NS: Amberglade Music, 2009.]

Michel Perrault

  • 1959. Sea Gallows (Eric Hyrst ballet on Nova Scotia Folk Songs).

Imant Raminsh

  • 1986. I’ll Give my Love an Apple (Nova Scotia song, collected by Helen Creighton). Female voices, oboe, piano (2-part treble). CME Intermediate Series. 12 pages. Boosey & Hawkes #M051466948.

Peter Riddle

  • 1978. Farewell to Nova Scotia. Band. Toronto: G.V. Thompson.

Doreen Senior

Eunice Sircom

  • 1977 Nine ethnic folk songs: for S.S.A.B. Toronto: G.V. Thompson.
  • Eight ethnic folk songs for young children. Toronto: G.V. Thompson. Songs, mainly in English, one in French, for 1-2 voices with piano acc.

Jack Sirulnikoff

  • 1967 Nova Scotia Fantasy Band.

Don Wright. 1964. Farewell to Nova Scotia. Choir (SATB) or voice, with or without piano. Toronto: G.V. Thompson.

Scott Macmillan

  • SMP800 Series: Arrangements for Solo Voice & Orchestra; Mezzo Sop. &/Or Tenor
  • SMP805 A Maid I Am In Love (Trad./Helen Creighton Collection)
  • SMP806 False Knight Upon The Road (Trad./Helen Creighton Collection)
  • SMP807 Well Sold The Cow (Trad./ Helen Creighton collection)
  • SMP808 When I Was In My Prime (Trad./Helen Creighton collection)
  • SMP900 Series Arrangements for SATB Choir/Orchestra &/or Piano
  • SMP901 Chansons Acadiennes (Trad/Helen Creighton collection)
  • SMP902 Dearest Mary (Trad./Helen Creighton collection)
  • SMP903 The Nova Scotia Song
  • SMP904 Geordie (Trad./Helen Creighton collection)
  • SMP1400 Series SA/SSAA/SATB & Piano and Other Vocal Arrangements
  • SMP1407 Phoebe Soprano and tenor & guitar (Helen Creighton collection)
  • SMP400 Non Orchestral Arrangements
  • SMP404 Creightonesque (Trad.) oboe/violin/cello v

“From Acetate Disc to Digital Audio: Tracing the Copies of Helen Creighton’s Sound Recordings.” Barrett, Creighton. 2009. Canadian Folk Music, Vol 43, No 2.