Examples of Reports

2020-Crystal Braye–Society of United Fishermen Oral History Documentation 

This project by Crystal Braye was to collect memories using oral history of the Society of United Fishermen Lodge #2 in Winterton ,NL as well as collect documentation about the Society.   Six people were interviewed about the Society and the affiliated Ladies Council. In addition a number of documents were collected. The outcome of this project was the submission of 20 items to the Memorial University Digital Archives including audio files, 9 photos ,1 video and 4 PDF documents including a 78 page document compiled by one of the informants after 12 years of research about the Society.

2021-Rachel Bruch–Nina Bartley Finn Recordings-Modern Arrangements

 This project was to create a CD of 8 folk songs that Helen Creighton had recorded sung by  Nina Bartley Finn. Rachel Bruch composed modern arrangements for these songs comprised of voice and violin. They were recorded at Evergreen House then mastered, mixed and produced by Kurtis McAllister and Dylan Jewers then disseminated through Big Turnip Records. A physical booklet of lyrics, art and photos was also produced.