Night Before Christmas Gift From WTF: What the Folk!

By Margo Carruthers, adapted from the poem by Clement C. Moore

‘Twas the night before Christmas and in the south end

Wright House was crying and missing his friends.

No folkies were singing or playing guitars;

Out on the street there weren’t any cars.

“Nobody is coming.” He stifled a tear.

He hadn’t heard music for almost two years.

“Was it something I said?” he wondered each day.

He didn’t know Covid had kept folks away.

So… heavy of heart, he settled in tight

For dreaming of friends this sad Friday night

He’d just nodded off; his dreams to begin

When through the front door little people rushed in.

“I told you this place would have no one around,”

 Said Elf Number One with a high lonesome sound.

Elf Number Two started looking for chairs

And found just enough tucked under the stairs.

Elves Three, Four and Five soon joined with the others

Until there were eight of the dressed in green brothers

And one dressed in red brought the number to nine.

Said The One Dressed In Red, “I think this’ll do fine.”

Wright House could hardly believe his own eyes…

His room… packed with people of diminished size.

They all gathered round and started to sing,

And some played on strange looking musical things.

The One Dressed In Red had a lovely bass voice

The others were baritones, tenors and noise.

“Just like a regular What The Folk night!”

Said Wright House while beaming and oozing delight.

Soon it was time to tidy things up.

The Elves did the dishes and put away cups.

They left the place spotless as if never there

Except for one formerly broken old chair.

The Elves had been mending the parts that were wrong

With toy making tools while singing along.

Better than new, it deserved pride of place;

The One Dressed In Red placed the chair centre stage

As a token of thanks for the respite and shelter

Given nine weary strangers who’d flown helter-skelter

Delivering gifts ‘round the world far and wide

And needed a layover on their long ride.

So… now they were off… renewed and refreshed.

Wright House was happy and feeling quite blessed.

He waved from below as their sleigh filled the air

“Merry Christmas,” boomed Wright House, and “Thanks for the chair.”