Bluenose Ghosts

Bluenose Ghosts is the title of a book by Helen Creighton. This scary book has generally been in print since 1957. Helen Creighton admits that she was afraid while writing it.

Like ghostly spirits that suddenly appear out of nowhere, a Bluenose Ghost story will appear on this page every so often.

The Black Dog

Mr Angelo Dornan of Elgin, New Brunswick, said there used to be a big black dog in one of the houses when he was a young man. It would go up the stairs every night and go through the rooms, but the moment the lamp was lit, it would disappear.

The Grey Lady – a reading by video

The Headless Man

The headless man who appeared at Upper Granville came mounted on horseback. He could be seen riding past a certain house with his head carried under his arm, and people often refused to pass over the bridge at night for fear of seeing him. You could hardly blame them.

Woman in White – audio recording

The Spirit Horse

Three young people were stealing apples when they heard an awful noise and snorting like a horse would do. Then it appeared. It stood on its hind legs and snorted and ripped the boards off the fence and they all ran away, frightened to death. The next day they went back to see how much damage the horse had done and the boards weren’t ripped at all.

The Hand

as told by Jessie from Oyster Pond

“My daughter and her husband had rented a house. They had a little boy and they wanted me to stay with him one evening while they went to a big supper and dance at Head Jeddore. It was a rainy night and I didn’t like being there alone so I told them to be sure to shut all the doors and windows and, when they left, i tried them to see that this had been done.

It was some time before the baby went to sleep but, after I got him settled, I thought I’d lay down on the couch in the kitchen beside him. After I’d been there just a little while, and before I’d had time to fall asleep, there was a hand like ice came over my face. I opened my eyes and it went swish into the next room and over the piano. I got up and thought, ‘What can that be?’ I didn’t think of a ghost but I was very frightened and I got the baby ready to leave in case we had to get out for any reason. When the young people came home at twelve o’clock and I went to let them in, my teeth were chattering. Jack said, ’You’re cold. Why didn’t you keep the fire going?’ I didn’t tell them what happened but I had to sleep there because it was pouring rain, and the room I slept in was just above the dining-room where the icy hand had seemed to come from.”

Bluenose Ghosts film link

Bluenose Ghost Sculptures

Created by youth attending a workshop given by storytellers, Cindy Campbell-Stone and Margo Carruthers and artist, Julie Adamson Miller at Alderney Landing Theatre in July, 2017. The scary sculptures were based on Bluenose Ghost stories.

Spirit Horse
Cindy meeting the Spirit Horse!
Margo encounters The Hand!
The Thing

Listen to the story of The Thing on DartMyth: Tales From the Darkside.