I Sing Therefore I Am (ISTIA)

What is I Sing Therefore I Am?
It is many things: 

A Gathering of people who love to sing

An Opportunity to

  • learn, and learn about, a wide variety of “singable songs” from a wide variety of song styles. Songs that work well in a group context and have something special that makes them either beautiful or interesting or both. 
  • Sing in a non-judgemental and supportive environment with experienced song leaders 
  • Experience the thrill of group singing.

I Sing Therefore I Am is based on three foundational principles:

  • Everyone can sing
  • We are happy when we sing
  • We are especially happy when we sing together.

And a fourth one – fun!
Everyone is welcome. No previous singing or choir experience is necessary.
No preparation is necessary –just “drop in and sing”. Songbooks are provided.

ISTIA is held at 7 pm at Evergreen House (Helen Creighton’s former home and site of the Dartmouth Heritage Museum) at 26 Newcastle Street in Dartmouth, usually on the third Thursday of each month

To sign up for email alerts, please send an email to istians2023@gmail.com